Fatal Night

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Fatal Night

After a genealogical procedure, Alison Gibbs is ready to carry on with her normal love life. Her husband, Jerry, is the man of her dreams, but it seems that he is no longer interested in her. He had to go too long without her love.

Alison believes he is seeing another woman. She is devastated. How could her Jerry seek solace in the arms of another woman? She is heartbroken when she finds out that her husband is at a guesthouse with another woman for a weekend. Phillip, her neighbour, tries to console her.

Alison's friend, a private detective, helps her to learn the truth. The truth is shocking to Alison. It is also the story of a man's unconditional and true love for a woman – a love that drives him to make the ultimate sacrifice to her, by offering himself on the altar of love.

Do you have the guts to read about this woman? You thought you know what real love is. I differ from you. This is the book that every woman should read.

This book is translated into English. I decided on this after my success on the South African market.

This book is the clean romantic version. No detailed sex is written.


Johan Crous

Johan Crous is a police officer at day time, who started writing during a period of rehabilitation after a series of operations. He specializes in event management.

This book was written, as others, when the story entered my mind in a moment of inspiration and I started acting on this impulse or brainwave. I know I have my own unique style of writing, which differs from the traditional writing styles, but I have endured with that style. I have published quite a few books. Initially I wrote only for myself. One day I decided, however, to publish it and the reviews were so promising that I started to believe in myself.

These stories are the fruit of my own imagination and I enjoyed writing this story. This book was the seventeenth book that I published.

The joy of penning down my thoughts and to bring the emotions and actions too light gives me profound joy. All the positive feedback I have received makes it all worth it in the end.


You can write to the author at jcrous699@gmail.com.

Also visit my web page at www.johancrous.co.za.

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R40.00 (No printed version yet available)